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A Feel Good Day

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I'm Not Even Going To Try To Explain

It just is

You will have to take my word for it

Where my thoughts come together

As easily as whipped cream on top of ice cream

I will continue on this feeling as long as it will last

My body and mind are in sinc

Like the hands of a watch

Working in precision

I may feed my body with food

That gives me the strength to keep going

The initial feeling was started long before

I even knew what was happening

My head filled with thoughts

They are not racing

They are quietly content just where they are

Every once in awhile one pops up automatically

The time is right

Then the thought is heard

It is not even spoken

Silent where I can only hear it

If I choose I can repeat it out loudly

Write it down

Carry it along with me to the end of time

Then I can dismiss it just as easy

Then it goes right back to the thought pool

It is not sad or disappointed

As most people are

When they don't get their way

It has only one purpose

That is to create

So while it is waiting for the chance to give it another go

Fancy and all dolled up

Like a formal

That has been much anticipated and patiently waiting

Butterflies in the stomach

Yet so glad it has had the opportunity

To develop a little more on it's own

I wasn't even aware of the situation

Adding and more good

Leaving out the things that are not needed

Remolding itself into a better thought

From these thoughts we live our day

They take us wherever we want to go

Opening up like a brand new package of cookies

Ready to tease and please

The sweetest of all desires

It never gets old

Each time just as exciting as the one before

On our own path we go

A few steps or around the bend

To who knows when

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