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When I had left my father's house, what I felt-A Father's Princess

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.

My little Princess with her Father

My little Princess with her Father

My home enlightened with lights and colorful flowers,

Like a spring tied a knot with rainbow,

A new relation becomes so respectful and precious,

Time to leave my maternal home is getting closer,

The tears spilled out from my eyes at the time of Rukhsati (sending off),

When my Abu (father) steps forward and hugged me,

Gave me blessings for my marital life,

May you find the world’s happiness in your nuptial home,

May you always blossom like a flower,

I felt the entire universe is witnessed of this father-daughter love,

His emotional good vibes taught me to become wiser and stronger,

I was feeling his silent tears were flowing continuously,

His tears like falling rain, I have never seen him like this,

He wiped off my tears and tried to comfort me,

I hugged him tightly,

With caring tenderness, he brought me up,

Raised me like flowers,

I wanted the time to be still this moment,

His little bud is leaving for a new journey,

The emotional waves on both sides are not settled yet,

My heart ached with the thought of leaving my father’s home,

I was a little delicate bough of his garden,

Who used to be very naughty and challenger,

I remember the time when I used to sleep in his peaceful lap in my childhood,

He guided me and helped me in becoming a better person,

I was always crowned with immense love in my father’s home,

The calmness, infinite love, and joy he gave to his little princess,

Never thought that I have to say goodbye one day,

Although this is the relation by heart,

Distances never keep father’s daughter love apart.

Abu, I love you infinity and beyond.

Sara Shahid.


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