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A Father’s Final Message for the Occasion (Poem)

A Father’s Final Message for the Occasion

The moment she was born,
A promise I have sworn,
To protect her from heartbreak,
My oath, my duty for her sake

Now, it seems I didn’t realize,
That it is time for a compromise.
I can’t always be by her side,
Her fate was never for me to decide.

Now I stand in front of everyone,
I hope this day just is done.
I’m forced to give this message
Badly written on a page

With all the things that had been said,
I have a reason for a tear to shed
Her beauty shines when dressed in white,
Now I doubt more if everything is right

Now our home would be truly empty,
Our princess now given her liberty,
She will be where paradise is,
And I’m not at all please.

If I had a choice,
If only I had that choice,
I will never let her go,
If only I know what to do.

—It’s hard… to make words come out,
Sorrow is a gag in people’s mouth,
She’s still young, a whole life waits,
Yet I escorted her beyond those gates

Gates that only us…
Could walk back out again,
I hope that today it would rain,
To conceal my tears away

You’re too young.
That dress was for your wedding,
Not for you to wear it in a casket, Emily!
It should had been you burying me.

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