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Wildflowers And Fireflies Part 1: A Fated Meeting In A Secret Place

Emee.chan let her imagination run free with this one. She is a sucker for unusual meetings that can turn out to be fated.

Little Firefly

He saw her sitting there,
Among the wildflowers,
Leaning against the tree.

The sun was beginning to set,
Yet she gazed at it silently,
Her mind somewhere far away.

A book sat open on her lap,
Appearing to be forgotten,
Pages old and well-worn.

He observed her from afar,
Camera in his hand,
Wondering who she is.

He watched as the last rays
Of the sun highlight her gentle features,
Her auburn hair appearing coppery red.

He didn't understand why,
It left him confused, but he had
A sudden urge to see her face.

If he were to blink even for a second,
He feared she would be gone,
Without leaving a trace.

Then he remembered his trusty camera
And why he came here,
To take pictures of the landscape,
Of his favorite place since childhood.

He shot picture after picture
Of the colorful wildflowers,
The sun bidding them goodbye,
Dusk almost setting in.

As he took pictures,
He drew closer to where she was,
His presence still unnoticed.

This close he was able to spot
Little fireflies appearing,
Dancing around her,
Adding to the whole scene.

Finally she heard his footsteps,
Having snapped from her trance.
She turns her head to see
Who dared disturb her.

As she turned to look at him,
He saw what he longed to see
Since he came here
And he thought the wait was worth it.

Even though it was slowly turning dark,
He could clearly make out her features.
Her heart-shaped face, full lips and
Cute button nose.

But her eyes were what caught
His attention the most.
The coldest of blues, yet fiery,
Met his warm chocolate brown ones.

She glared at him, wondering
Who he is and what is he doing
In her secret place,
This field of wildflowers her sanctuary.

He found himself just staring,
Not being able to do anything else,
Since she was the most beautiful girl
He ever met, in his humble opinion.

He decided to speak to her
So without further ado,
He grinned at her, saying
"Little firefly, what are you doing here?"

"Who are you calling a firefly and
Shouldn't I be asking you the same?!
I was here before you came!"
She fired back, her temper rising.

His grin grew wider at her words,
Nodding to himself, he whispered
"Yes, little firefly is the perfect nickname."

This is the first of their meetings,
Many more are yet to come.
In this field of wildflowers, their
Favorite place since childhood,
Brought together by fate.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ft. Kylie Minogue- Where The Wild Roses Grow (Official HD Video)

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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