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A Farmer's Plight

Ashutosh enjoys writing on a variety of subjects including politics, current affairs, and social and religious issues.

It's just high contrast

It's just high contrast

A Farmer's Plight

Heading home last afternoon
I met with a group of people marching down the street
I couldn't help myself, the urge was discreet
Walked up to a young man and I inquired,
What do you march for?
And where's this caravan headed?

Prompt came the reply,
it was humble not sly
We march for the our rights,
the ones we've been denied
We have struggled to survive
but have always been despised
No one understands our plight
and only downplays our fight
They say they care when they shout from the podium
But mere electoral pandemonium,
nothing but ad nauseum.
Even those representing us covertly switch loyalty
Over few benefits and minimum royalty

The story is long,
and so is the struggle.
It's a ocean of hopelessness,
and we sail for the horizon.
Hoping a new day would dawn on us
But like a mirage in the desert,
this scorching heat is playing a trick on us.
Even mother earth is desperate,
as it stares at the life giver skies.
These parched lands look-up for respite
and day after day, we just survive to fight.

Doesn't matter, if with our hearts we plow
Or the hybrids or gmos we sow
Whether it rains
Or the drought retains
Whether the crops wither
Or its a bumper harvest
Which ideologues vouch for us
Or what color flags we hold
Whether our loans get waived
Or everything the bank takes
The story more or less, remains the same
Or just different contexts, a different day.

Abject poverty and debt ridden
Mortgaging the last few hectares
will buy some time.
Money is like oxygen
but being poor is a crime.
Nothing for the keep
many mouths to feed
The morale' getting abysmally low
Just hanging by the thread, sometimes let go!
The connotation above is pretty obvious
Even if you pretend to be oblivious.

I know I said too much, can't deny
But since you asked, this is my reply!

© 2019 Ashutosh Joshi

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