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A Faint Distant Light

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Not My Choice

I was sleeping soundly

My wife has been sick for three days

She missed one day of work and used her two days off to get better

With a darn head cold

Blowing her nose a zillion times

At last count

She has been coughing on and off all night

Even after taking medicine

Now she has a left earache

As a husband, I do what I can do

Helping out wherever I am needed

I get breakfast and make sure she takes her medicine

Do the food shopping that we normally do together

Comforting her and saying I love you

Still it is never enough

I keep telling her

Get plenty of sleep

Your body will help fight the cold on it's own

She has been eating good and no temperature

So when she is on wits end

I roll out of bed and think

For the few times in a year that my wife is not feeling well

I have to wait until this passes

She received a cold the same time last year

The same thing happened all over again

When I grew up

My mother said I was a carrier

I would get a slight sniffle or a cough

Then pass it on to everyone else

I don't know if it is true

The truth is the other day I had a little sneeze and a cough

I feel fine now

My wife is the unknown victim

So many things we don't know about life

As I watch the light across the field

I am not sure what it lights

The morning will lead to another beautiful day

Unless you're my wife

Under the weather and can't wait to get better

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