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A Fa, La, La, Morning

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Feeling Wonderful

Waking up from a great night sleep

There are no words to elaborate

My mind is sharp

The weather outside is peaceful

I dreamed of this moment

I am relaxed

There is nothing to say

I walk with a little pep in my step

My whole life pointed me in this direction

Looking around things seem a little nicer

People I have in my life are a little kinder

The love we search for all our life

What does it look like?

Does it glow in the light?

Shine in the dark?

What does love sound like?

A simple hum that pleases the ears

A high pitched tone that nobody can reach

What does love taste like?

A favorite taste that we have enjoyed for so many years

Like a cheesy, crispy chicken parmesan, succulent and juicy steak tips or a delicious slice of watermelon

What does love feel like?

A warm blanket we can snuggle and wrap around our bodies

The heat of the sun across our face

The cool fresh air into our lungs

How do we hold on to love?

Experience it with enormous joy

Share it with other people so it can last a little longer

Close our eyes and let it flow

Knowing that it is real and it is all around us

It is always welcome to return

No picture can capture this moment

No time can record its existence

We know

We just know

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