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A Drooble Poem-Alphabeticalized. the Latest Way to Make Yourself a Break in the Music World.

Sing and play for all your worth and rock the earth!

A Drooble Poem-Alphabeticalized!

D-is for Daring to be sharing your songs

Taking a shot when the chance comes along

R- is Realizing
Just how much you belong
amidst other musicians who
play to the throngs

O- is how Often the comments
will come
to praise and critique
everything you have done...

O- is the Offers that might
come your way
to join Other bands
or just collaborate....

B's- for Becoming the next
great addition

L-is for Loving

fellowships you've been missing
no audience yelling
out boo's or just hissing,

E- is the chance for you to Entertain

all your peers
astute ears In a place
you'll remain, forever statisfied
With your gains and acclaim.

"It's all spelled out neatly
in hopes you will savor
a site that rewards
all your musical labor
with radio airplay
and charts you can top
one song after another
In Rock, Folk or Pop.
and any other genre
even some not yet heard
to go anywhere else
would just be absurd.
Earn points that are free
for the work that you do
and then you'll be promoted
with no cost to you.
the whole world is waiting
to hear your next tune
Drooble's anticipationg
you coming here soon
as they grow to become
even bigger than all
of those sites that give little
when you answer their call
So join us why don't you
and you'll have a ball!!!
and if you don't wind up happy
Hang the messenger...."ME"
but I will not be singing
from a noose in a tree....
satisfaction guaranteed
it's not fiction it's fact!!
or they promise to give you
all your memories back.

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Matthew F. Blowers III

I have only been with Drooble Since Mid-September
three short months and here are my stats.......

Song Plays 25,502+283
Video Plays 2,248+1
Applauds 814+11
Comments 1,031+9
Shares 78+1

*Numbers don't lie......

"Put some of that in your pipe...line
and then come here and smoke it."

Sing and play for all your worth
and Rock the earth!!

Wail your heart out and be appreciated.

Wail your heart out and be appreciated.

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