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A Dream of Private Gonzalez (Poem)

Jason, is an educator that uses his spare time to write poems

A Dream of Private Gonzalez

A returning soldier, Private Gonzalez,

Rides a bus bound to Zambales,

After months of battles and sleepless nights,

The horror he saw was ever countless;

It is a dream that he was blessed

To come home, alive no less;

But now it is time to come back to the nest

To see and care for his daughter, Tess,

To cheer for her in her singing contest;

He knows right now his heart is a mess,

He can’t deny this dream, ‘cause it is time to rest.

Private Gonzales now must attest

That God doesn’t play dice but chess,

It would be harsh to think it’s a cruel jest,

That he was shot in the chest,

Dreaming of a bus bound to Zambales.

© 2019 Jason Villar

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