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A Dream Maker


As you stare into the air in front of you,
you hold your hand up;
telling them now is not the time;
but maybe it was only your last thought,
you have let it all go;
you could be on a wire looking down
or laying on the bottom of the ocean watching,
where the prism of aquamarine meets the sky;
it has become your victory
you have entered your new life,
you have softened your anger
but strengthened your resolve;
and though the cable will wobble
and a storm will change the colors of the water;
you will give thanks for the feeling,
you have become somebody who does not regret;
unafraid to live your life,
for there is no age, no limit to expression;
it is the blessing of crying because of happy things
and the honor to be able to comfort your friends
for you have become part of the soul of life,
even if the ground shifts or buildings fall,
your memory makes it come alive again;
you are a maker of dreams that come true


Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on January 19, 2018:

Thank you my good doctor! I always enjoy your thoughtful comments. They are prose in and of themselves. I appreciate that I am able to here your voice on my hubs.

I was just thinking of someone who was in the trance of absolute concentration of their passion. Someone who was able to block everything out and be in the moment and who they wish to be. It is their great achievement in life; mental control and being able to answer a worthwhile desire in their life.

Dr Kulsum Mehmood from Nagpur, India on January 18, 2018:

I am a concever of new ideas which I like to dream up. Yes, I am the maker of dreams that come true ..... with an indomitable spirit to make things happen.

I love your poetic expression; especially the ones about colorful aqua - marine sky and waters.Your artistic expressions are the soul of your poetic composition. What else can I say .....beautifully expressed .....

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