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A Door Is So Much More

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It's An Opening Or An Exit

Can you imagine a house without doors?

It would be as bad as a house without windows

Doors come in all different colors and materials

Wood is the most common

Then comes metal and then glass

You have aluminum to stainless steel

Each door keeps the heat in and the weather out

We use them for security

I like to think each door is an insight into one's personality

A bright red door in color might mean a great big welcome

A lime green color door might mean crazy

I am just joking

It might just be an eye-catcher

A door from a neighbor is the best

They helped deliver it on a truck

It was huge and heavy

With a lovely window too

I can never have moved it by myself

It will look good in its new home

I see it as a sign of prosperity and friendship

For many years to come