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A Different Twilight Story

A narrative of a true account experienced by the author


A Different Twilight Story

The golden sky had just merged into twilight

While I was standing all alone,

Waiting for the dusk to turn into darkness

And then I wished to go back home.

As I turned to leave the shadowy place

I saw my son standing by the door,

He was weeping and asked me to comfort him,

And so I did, as I was done with all my chores.

The room I entered seemed unusually dark,

A faint light from the distance was all I could see,

And as I walked towards that light,

I was shocked to see my son standing in front of me!

My son was weeping and asked me to comfort him,

Just like the one who did before!

“Then who is it that I am holding now!” I thought,

And I ran out frantically through the door.

When I stepped outside into the dimmer dark

I could see a faint figure standing there,

I could not see who it was

Since my sight was not that fair!

I wanted to scream but my voice seemed stuck!

So I reached out for help to flee,

But I nearly fainted when that figure turned,

As I saw myself smiling back at me!

In fear and fright, I closed my eyes

And recited a Holy verse,

My voice was in mute, I couldn’t move,

And prayed things didn’t get any worse.

At that moment I heard three loud knocks!

They came from a door behind me it seemed.

I opened my eyes to have a glance,

And I realized it was a nightmare that I had dreamed!

Drenched in sweat, I was sitting on my bed,

Relieved that this was all untrue,

But then came my parents, to check things out,

They had heard the knocks from my bedroom too!

Farah N Huq

A Different Twilight Story - Melody

A few words from the author

As I have mentioned above, the poem is a true account of a frightening experience I had a few years back and I often think about it at times, particularly the knocks! I do wonder what might have caused them.
Maybe I was moving a lot in my sleep and banged on the side table myself! Maybe it came from a place outside my house but close to my bedroom.
Maybe some Force snapped me out of it as my mind was exploring too deep into someplace it was not supposed to be in- the sci-fi version of the story...haha...let’s hear it...

What if these doors I see are not doors at all! What if these doors are portals to different realms which open up at transitions of day and night, during which the mind (not the body) may mistakenly enter a different one, especially during sleep or meditation? What if it was a different dimension in time and space or the convergence of the multiverses?
Perhaps, as my son says, “Mother, you were just standing in front of an invisible mirror and it was just you and me! Why were you scared in the first place?”
He has a point there! I saw no bloodthirsty monsters and yet, my mind was troubled by the presence of a duplicate me since only “one" of us should be existing and that would only open up the possibility that I might have been the non-existent one! That is what my mind found threatening I believe...Or, maybe it sensed the presence of some unnatural force...not sure! It’s a part I prefer not to dig any further actually.

Anyway, I decided to share it keeping the upcoming Halloween in mind. Hope you enjoy reading my frightening experience and also the analysis of it...and if you do, please do send some blessings my way. Stay blessed always!

© 2021 Farah N Huq

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