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A Descent Into Humility


The Descent Into Humility

There is beauty in every form
In solitude we endure no influence
It is then that our eyes see the truth
For our ears can only hear silence

To overhear a conversation
To learn something new from a stranger
To reward them anonymously for living
It is to be humble without surrender

She asked me if I was angry
“Yes, though of it I will not speak
“But why,” she asked
“It is because I am weak”

I knew how to walk away the fool
Change is only sudden when it’s bad
I will raise a glass to who I once was
And thank you not needing what I had

What would I rather have instead
It is whatever this is that softened me
I’m not driving a car wildly in the rain
Instead I live without necessity

She asked why I didn’t care
“But I do my love, I do without reservation”
“But not for me, you would that I walk away”
“No, I would that you know of freedom”

The only chance to be who you are
Is to risk losing everything
But my sadness is only a new born day
To lose is to know what grace can bring

As I descended the stairs with my ego
To dig a hole in the ground to bury it
You walked away from my unassuming heart
Knowing it was you I was trying to forget

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