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A Deep Relationship, A Deep Sensation


A Deep Relationship, A Deep Sensation

Among all the relationships in the world,

I adore you the most.

U live close to me above all,

More closer to my heart.

You are getting elder under the shade of my love,

You are preparing me for our bright and loving future.

You are getting healthier day by day,

I am getting bulky day by day,

I have to follow many diet plans,

Oh! My dresses are getting dense.

You are the reason of my all mood swings,

You are the fifty shades of my love.

Sometimes you are the reason of my all pains,

But after this pain, there is a lovely gain.

I can feel your breathe, your every heartbeat,

It's really like a dream.

Maybe, its the best feeling of the world,

A deep relationship, a deep sensation.

I have to kept you in my womb for nine months,

Then i have to bear the tears of delivering you.

You always answer me well, whenever i asked you something,

You always stayed with me, whenever i am alone.

You are my life, the symbol of my love,

I want to see you as soon as possible.

I can feel your hunger,

I can feel whenever u kicked me.

My baby! You are my love,

I love you more than anything in the world.

After the hardships i will gain you,

Oh God! How precious this relation is.

Thanks to God for blessing me with you,

Bless everyone with the blessing of an infant.

© 2018 Afifa Saleem