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A Days Work and an Honest Living

The Years May Escape

As I look around

I never have to look over my shoulder

Worried what might happen

Because of my years of action

I do what is right

Not some of the time

But each and every time

Without question or consideration

It is my natural flow

I have never made what other people have made

Sometimes I even make less than what other people in my job make

I see people argue about pay raises and leave if they don't get what they want

When push comes to shove

I pick myself up and try to forget the bad

I do my job

Better than most

Just as good as some of the best

Not bragging but speaking the facts

I spend more time doing it right

Improving my skills and keeping a positive attitude

I have been taken advantage of

Bounced around

Not always treated as fair as I should have been

Which I don't understand why?

If you do a good job

Give your all time best

Time after time

Shouldn't companies appreciate and reward those employees ?

In real life

It doesn't always happen

So instead of burning the bridges

That don't go my way

I focus my energy in other directions

Through writings and a different craft

Really believing what goes around

Comes around

It's not up to me

To decide

With too many years of dedication and persistence

I give one hundred percent

Always trying to give one hundred and twenty percent

As my body takes it's toll

I have many new decisions to make

That will take me away

To a new direction

Once again I will rely on

My years of talent and skill

Not in doing my job

That I will no longer need to do

But a new job

Filled with dreams and excitement

Learning new skills

Meeting new people

Honing in once again

Going on a different adventure

This time carefully applying

What I have developed and mastered

The art of giving it my all

Each and every time

Without hesitation or reservation

My years of experience

Taking pride with the work that I do

Makes me wonder ?

Did I choose the right career

It served me well

Would I have been better off with a different profession ?

That is spilled milk out of the bottle

I will never know

Only guess

That leaves me uneasy and uncomfortable at my worst

I have to believe

The path that I chose

Chose me

It gave me many opportunities

Not always in monetary value

In life experience I had the opportunity

To meet so many wonderful people

That if I chose another profession

Most importantly

This is where I met my wife

Work can be a tough cookie to crack

A lot of wise guys

I have also met

Some real sons of witches

That have tormented me and tried to make my blood boil

I am still here

Where have they gone

I don't know and I don't care

As long as their out of my hair

Others still try to make my skin crawl

I will do what has got me through

In the past

Refocus on the good

The good will bring more good

Where the bad will only open old wounds

Like burns or open cuts that never did heal right

They leave scars

Battle scars from a dark and tough time

One that I have maneuvered so well

Through trial and error

Necessity and sheer madness

A time I would soon like to forget

It will always haunt me

In a few ways still

I accept it

As a challenge

That keeps me on my toes

Unbalanced and complacent

Leaving me room

To try harder and think outside the box

Always looking for a better way

Even if none is ever found

The bottom line

I will manage to have a good day

© 2022 DREAM ON

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