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A Day When You Want To Just Stay Home

Black Ice And Rain Outside

No reason to leave our warm home

A lovely day to chill

My wife and I took a little afternoon cat nap

Warming up and bonding close

We have had a busy work week

Things have not always gone as smooth as we like

We continue to make little adjustments to change to a better outcome

Today is one of those days if you don't have to drive anywhere

You shouldn't

Black ice on the road makes it dangerous

Accidents do happen

This is one way they can be avoided

Please, those people that do have to drive in awful road conditions

Slow down and drive safe

My wife and I both have spent many hours on the road

When we reach unfavorable road conditions

We have prayed just to get home safe

It is not always your safe driving

You have to worry about the other person

Then sometimes you both could be driving careful

The roads are too slick

What happens is out of your control

Off you go

Into another car or into a tree or guard rail

Every accident can become real serious real quick

Even if it is a fender bender

Then someone else might not see you

They can hit your car or even you

Any time on the road can turn deadly

So if you have got into an accident

If you are able to pull off the road

Get to a safe place

Before help arrives or before you get back to driving away

Police are also in danger

In the past we have dealt with heavy rains, fog, snow and ice

All can be very hazardous

I don't mind driving and I enjoy seeing so many sights

Everything we do comes with risks

As I relax at home

I slowly start to read and write

Many thoughts enter my mind

Few stay for any length of time

I am just so comfortable and refreshed

My wife and I are both healthy

We have been very blessed

We have heard of so many people with Covid-19

Most have recovered and a few have died

We feel sad so many people are going through this difficult time

Both my wife and I have had our shots

In a few weeks we will have our booster

It was our choice to take our shots

In hopes we will be better protected

You hear so many stories and good and bad

It is hard to know what is right or wrong

Looking toward our future

We never thought our life would become an issue

I can't imagine working all your life

Getting to retirement age

Planning to enjoy your love and happiness together

Then this happens

Up to now you have done the best to stay healthy

Age is a factor

Even the smallest cold or injury takes longer to heal

So it is always a nice thought

To spread good blessings to our friends and family

In this beautiful new year

May 2022 be extra special

In so many unimaginable ways

© 2022 DREAM ON