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A Day Together

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When The Night Comes By

The day is over

We did so much and we still have a lot on our mind

We had trouble with our t.v. and we both worked on fixing the problem

Relaxing and talking that's what we do best

Skipping over the hardships and the hassles

Sharing each other's happiness

Putting a little twist on it

To make it our own

Filling our empty stomachs

That somehow must have a hole in each

We feed them in the morning

By noontime, they are empty again

Then before it was dark

Once more add some food

Will this cycle ever stop?

Even later for one more snack

That's a lot of nourishment

For the most part

It is healthy

The weather was cold outside

As the temperature dipped to 23 degrees

We were comfortable hiding inside

The little part of the world that we see

No communication from anyone

The mood happy

We will let you know

There was even a little time for romance

The simple pleasures out in the open

Maybe the birds will be the first

To see what tomorrow will bring

How great it would be

To hear them sing

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