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A Day To ReBoot

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It Is So Easy To See The Bad

It is harder to see the good

Creating a wonderful path to follow

When there are so many more choices

We can take old steps and habits

That serve us no good

They are crutches we have to throw out

Instead of leaning on time after time

The skies are blue

Today is special and different

Then it should be treated as such

Problems will arise

They keep us from achieving are goals

Solutions are near

They require persistance and energy

This is not the time to shrug and look the other way

We have to pool our resources and use our knowledge

To come up with ideas and suggestions

Looking for a temporary solution that might work

Leading to new ways

That were never explored before

Now we have problems to a whole new level

We have created good out of something bad

What a great way to put a twist on the day

Like spinning a top

It goes so fast

In diferent directions than we thought

Fun while it lasted

Are you ready to spin again?

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