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A Day at Work That Went From Sour Grapes to Beautiful Raisins

You Just Never Know

At anytime things can go from good to worse

There are so many factors to consider

Then sometimes magic just happens

The day goes from bad to amazingly quite well

Unexplainable but true

At the end of my shift

I am so happy

Little did I notice

It's time to go home

The time flies by when having fun

When your having problems

Difficult times have pushed you to the limit

The time drags

You can feel the stress

I believe in the energy of people around you

If people are positive and upbeat

That can make the world of a difference

If the same people are negative and checked out before they checked in

We are in for a long, long day

I am always looking for any sign of light

Just a small piece to hold on too

While everyone else is sinking

A life boat would be better

The Coast guard would be perfect

You know at that very moment

You are saved

You will be safe

Your future is looking very bright

All you can wonder

What greatness will come next

Whatever happened seemed to not matter

As much as getting as far away from here as possible

When all the events lead to a good outcome

All I can say

Thank God for his hand in every thing

I take no moment for granted

Soon this day will be like a mix of wild flower seed

Sometimes you get nothing

Then other times you get bloom after bloom

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