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A Daughter's Regret

Shane is a 1st year college student and she started writing poems since she was in her HS. She always find peace everytime she writes poems.

A Daughter's Regret

The memories flow,

As I started to my eyes to close

The moment it happened,

The tears began to glow.

A good feeling of your hug,

A loud music of your laugh,

A nice smell of your foods,

And a vivid image of your face.

Still rememb'ring how you're so proud,

And taught me to trust in God.

Always motivate me to stay what I am,

And don't change just because they want.

It changed as the days passed by,

As I made a wrong decision in life.

I chose to be a broken mirror,

And just removed my trust in him.

I used to be a good daughter,

But today I'm full of sadness

As I can't bloom as a good flower,

Can I just face the future days full of regrets?

© 2020 Shane Fatima

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