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A Cut I Couldn't Leave Alone

No Matter Hard I Tried

If it was a few minutes

Which I did a few times

Only seconds later

Which seemed like a lifetime

I started picking at it

Until it bled

I had a burn that was healing

It turned to a nice scab

I just couldn't leave it alone

I would not do good if I was captured by the enemy

The littlest thing

Gets in my brain

Drives me insane

I would confess to anything

Just to stop that annoying feeling

Like an itch that I can't scratch

I am so glad I didn't go into the FBI

The secret service or any branch of the armed services

I am not cut out to be a Navy Seal

Those who picked any branch of service and any law enforcement profession

My hat goes off to you

I give you credit

Where credit is due

That is one profession

I want no part of

Those people who chose that line of work

I will be forever thankful

Grateful too

God Bless You

© 2022 DREAM ON

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