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A Cupful of Thoughts

Coffee lovers. Isn't coffee the best especially after a stressful day? With a scenic view, my mind started to wonder for a while...

The sky is crimson with orange grey

Fire ablaze about to wane

Now in my cup, a warm sweet day

Near my lips, blowing heat away

Our each encounter, a contented sigh

My cup makes me yearn for another hi

With it, complete, through thick and thin

There is a reason to keep smilin’

As I sip, the sky I inspect

A perfect moment to introspect

I hit rewind, and saw what I expect

A day with my squad, serene… perfect…

Now how I wish I have a magic clock

And travel with my flock in a truck

Then bang in tomorrow’s door, unlocked

To see each, with luck or not…

I wish I have a magic glass

As big as doors so in walls we can pass

To find a clue, to glimpse a scene

To see adventures yet unseen

We are young! We are free! We can conquer the world!

With youth and vigor, we have time to be bold!

Comrades at arms, I won’t be afraid

My brethren, ready to aide…

A mute friend of mine may speak my past

But how I wish, her pages could forecast…

Comfort my grey days when I feel blue

With hopes of our sketch still together, true…

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