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A Crazy Day In The Neighborhood

In A Few Short Hours

My whole world turned upside down

I couldn't find the things I was looking for

What use to be is now changed

I won't get into specifics just yet

Everything is too fresh

i have to calm the fudge down

I have had days like this before

They will blow over

I just have to wait them out

I wonder why it has come to this?

Know one deserves this?

It happens every day to people all over the world

So much worse

I get it

Still working through my thoughts is a process

I usually like

Not this time

I have to close my mind

Stop thinking because it only gets me more mad

To think my time I spent on something

Is gone in a flash

I am a strong believer that hard work pays off

The truth is it doesn't give you a quick reward

Like a slot machine

It can be days, weeks, month, and even years later

To see what the greatest outcome will be

So I have to wait it out

Still giving it my all

Skip over the results I see staring right at me

All the bad thoughts come rising to the top

Those feelings from long ago

The unknown but powerful hurtful thoughts

With those beady little eyes

I told you it wouldn't work

You wouldn't listen

You thought you knew better



You foolish little man

Once again I try to dismiss them

As if I could hit an delete button or just go backwards

Watch every bad thought disappear

Slowly under my command

Life isn't that easy


Take a step away from the computer

Do something else

That keeps your mind from those horrible thoughts

Do something nice

Drink a nice glass of water

Have a little ice cream or a piece of fruit

I don't want to watch the T.V. or listen to the radio

Both I love

I have to do something else

Something special

Something I haven't done before

To help me focus on the good

The wonderful parts of life that trigger more good

Then in a pinch

I can be jolly again

Until then

I crumble up a piece of paper

Take that

As if I could squeeze all my anger into the piece of paper

I thought what did the paper ever do to you


i feel guilty even crumbling up a piece of paper

Now I have gone off the deep edge

Reeling myself back in

Six to eight inches of snowfall coming tomorrow

I called work seeing if they could find coverage

They said they are short handed

For me to call them back tomorrow and see

Road conditions suppose to be bad

The snow storm could change direction

This will be the first heavy snow of the winter

How blessed have we been

Instead of taking my mind off it

Work just complicates matters

I am going to pet our cat Charlotte

She has a way of soothing me

Even on the worst of all days

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