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A Couple Days Of Rain

For Most People It's Good News

Their grass and plants are getting watered

For me, it might be a different story

We have a low water table

Even though our house is almost on top of a hill

Almost every Spring we get water down my cellar

It becomes more than a hassle

A problem that doesn't seem to correct itself

Usually, the winter snow defrosts and heavy rains come in April

Both are a combination for disaster

This year looked like it was going to be different

We had little snow

So when the snow melted and we had little rain

One of the driest Springs

My cellar stayed dry

I was very happy

I recently added loam

To build up around the house foundation

So if we do have any rain it will run off

Down my cellar is still dry

Now we are expecting four hours of rain

I put white buckets out to help with the excess water

All I can do is wait

I have some pretty hosta plants that grow

All around our yard

Later in the year, they get pretty big

They can absorb lots of water

We have eight trees that help

The funny thing is when I was growing up

I loved the rain

I have mixed feelings today

When I get unexpected water and it becomes a problem

It turns into a real pain

An internal conflict I haven't been able to solve

In the past, I have added stone to help with drainage

I already have french drains underground around the house

A pump in the cellar also helps keep the water away

I thought I covered all the basis

I am going to back to bed

I can hear the water beating on the windows and the roof

I drift back and time

I picture in my mind

I am an early settler out in the wilderness

The noise I hear

Are little war drums beating before an Indian attack

I want to live and raise a family

The Indians were here long before us

They want to keep what is rightfully theirs

We both butt heads and can't seem to agree

We both want to live and be free

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