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A Confession (Whatever Life May Bring)

She got stuck in 8 years of a toxic relationship,
Thank goodness, finally, she was able to set herself free.
Millions of things bothered her mind daily,
The escape plan went well but hell, it was not easy.

Her mind tells her to get out of her comfort zone,
And hey, it's time to move on!
There's a lot of things that you can explore.
Build yourself up so everything you can endure!

And so she moved to a different country,
Where she learned to know herself very quickly.
That she almost forgot about someone.
Someone that her mind once really want.

Someone she met a couple of years ago.
Someone, she shared a feeling like never before.
Someone they almost gave it a shot.
But looks like on him, she is giving up.

Now she knows how to be truly happy all by herself.
She spent more time doing self-care and self-love.
Woah! She improved a lot!
Now, she can call herself a complete person with the help of God.

He continued to keep in touch with her.
Trying to get to know her better.
Even communication is as frequent as a blue moon.
He did not give up!

Months had passed then he planned to fly to her.
Lucky him, she showed up happily as ever!
They spent a few days and forgot the world outside of them.
As if for them, this is a fresh new start!

This time, she saw a different side of him.
Before, she thought being with him is impossible to begin,
Because of their differences that she's not sure how to handle.
Now, she could even see her future with him little by little.

They grew up so much individually,
That they can always complement each other easily.
This time with a lot of respect from both parties.
Because they see genuine happiness always starts internally.

It took so long before she realized these things can happen.
Thanks to God for letting their paths to cross again.
Now she knows how to appreciate him.
Her experiences molded her from within.

She's much stronger now in facing whatever life may bring.
Waiting is always the key to a perfect timing!
She doesn't know what the future holds.
She just leaves everything to God and who knows?

She's just thankful for every day that pass,
Another day that they were able to make it last.
Though for now, they are apart from each other,
But they know each of them has a special place in their lives together.

Living one day at a time as what they always say.
Until they will see each other again on a perfect day.
No need for her to be weary,
Because she knows God is the author of their love story.

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