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A Compilation of Thoughts

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Figuring myself out . . . It'll take some time. Until then, I'll enjoy everything.



Maybe I shouldn't say this,
But i dreamt of us last night.
It was like old times
Except we were a bit more cheerful,
A bit more relaxed,
Jesting with one another.
We seemed comfortable.
I miss lying in your arms.
I miss the warmth
And the feeling of protection.
I know it's all over now,
But i can't help but miss you
Each and every day since you left.
I know in time it'll all be over,
But for now i can't seem to let go.
I may seem happy,
But I'm the exact opposite.
I feel upset.
I feel angered.
I can't bring myself to let it all go.
We shared stories.
We shared secrets.
But for what?
For it to end like this?


I've always worn a happy face around others

Yet I've cried alone on most days
I could never share my feelings
It's a mechanism so i won't be hurt in some ways

I may seem okay on the outside
But inside I'm desperate
To let someone in on how i feel
I'm always feeling depressed because of it

I'm not good with communicating
Words become jumbled in my mind
I feel like i repeat some of the things i say
I'm constantly falling behind


I feel like I'm shattered inside
Broken and torn to pieces
Nothing left to see
No one knows that though
On the outside they all see a smiling face
But do they even realize that it's fake

Brain & Heart

I honestly don't know how i'm feeling
My brain tells me to let him go,
But for some reason my heart betrays me
It longs for him even though it know
The pain and aches ive gone through
Even though it literally broke when he left
My brain wants to ask you something
My dear heart
Why must you yearn for him?
Why do you wait?
You know, he will never come back
You know he yearns for another
You shouldn't fall apart again

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