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A Compilation of Faith Based Bagua and Fibonacci Poems

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


I like to think of myself as a “wordsmith” in training. Which means I’m someone who is learning to play with and craft words into poems, short stories, articles and more. I offer here poems for you reading pleasure in several forms, Bagua, Fibonacci, Tanka, and one Drabble and Sonnet poem.

I hope you enjoy them and if you do please pass them on to others. I also offer some of my most recent artwork for your viewing pleasure. Until next time stay safe and as Kelly Clarkson is fond of saying, “If you’re not having a great day change it and try to do something to make it a great day.”

Bagua Poems

In the Martial arts style known as Bagua the numbers 64 and 8 make regular appearances - such as in 64 hands form which consists of 8 lines of 8 moves. The Bagua poem uses the same form 8 lines of poetry in two stanzas of 4 lined using 8 words per line. The result is a 64 word poem

Getting is Giving

It’s not about what is given to you

It’s about what for others you do

You see getting is giving more than receiving

It’s getting no reward, but you still believe

Giving should be more for others, not you

And getting no reward for what you do

A time for showing others your true love

Passed on to by the One who resides above


What speaks louder than any words we speak

Is when words are done with deeds we seek

It is how we show our love for others

It is how we can meet people’s needs

Passing out acts of kindness where you go

To those we know and don’t yet know

Showing them the love Jesus gave to us

Sharing the truth He told us to share

Stand Up

So the time is now to stand up

So the time is now to rise up

To take our love out to the street

Give the world a taste of sweetness

What speaks louder than any words can speak

Is when love is done with your deeds

It is how we show others God’s love

It is how we spread out God’s Word


Fibonacci Poems

A Fibonacci poem, is a newer form of poetry, which is based on the the mathematical equation known as the FibonaccI sequence where each number equals the sum of the previous two numbers before. In poetry this translates to syllable count by lines or 1/1/2/3/5/8 for a total of 20 syllables.




Not seen

But heard of

Still have acceptance

Feel sure of the truth of Jesus

Sowing Seeds




Plants the seeds

The good or bad seeds

Depends on heart of the sower

The Gift




In small ways

Sometimes they’re bigger

But always given out of love




Nor touch

Still believe

Deep inside your heart

Impacts how you live all your life


Tanka Poems

Tanka poems, a type of Japanese poetry, is a set pattern of short poetry. The poems run 5 lines with a syllable count of 5/7/5/7/7 for a total 31 syllables.

Here are 5 Tanka-esque poems. I call Tanka-esque because they may be in the true Tanka pattern but not the strict structure or form.


When troubles prevail

Life seeks to drag you way down

Seek the only one

Who can offer you true peace

Jesus is the giver of peace


t is easier

To walk behind another

As a follower

Far better as a leader

Showing others the right way


Drabble Poem

A simple form of poetry which contains 100 words no more or no less.

Don‘t Worry

You worry too much

Did anyone ever tell you that

Did anyone ever point it out

You’re throwing your life away

Cause you’re not getting

What you think your due

Don’t worry

Let me give you some advice

Life is not always fair

So leave all your concerns behind

They won’t get you anywhere

They won’t move you forward

Don’t worry

Someday it will all workout

Someday it will all truly end

But you have to hang in

Until that time comes

Don’t worry

You worry too much

Did anyone ever tell you that

Did anyone ever point it out

A Bonus Sonnet

A sonnet is a 14 line poem where each line has 10 syllables.


Your luck ran out it’s been a bad bad day

Can’t put your finger on when your life changed

On top of your world then you took a fall

Now you’re in a cell lost no freedom at all

Look to your heart see the trouble began

When you took your life out of the Lord’s hands

Still it is not too late to right the wrong

Turn back to the lord but don’t wait too long

In his hands you’ll find shelter from the rain

He will heal your heart, He will ease your pain

Turn turn back to the Lord, but do it fast

Open your eyes to a love which will last

In His hands your life will feel so secure

And the old pain you’ll be able to endure

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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