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A Compilation of Bagua and Fibonacci Poems 2

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.

I like to think of myself as a “wordsmith” in training. Which means I’m someone who is learning to play with and craft words into poems, short stories, articles and more. I offer here poems for you reading pleasure in several forms, Bagua, Fibonacci, Tanka, Lune and one Sonnet dedicated to my home state.

I hope you enjoy them and if you do please pass them on to others. I also offer some of my most recent artwork for your viewing pleasure. Until next time stay safe and as Kelly Clarkson is fond of saying, “If you’re not having a great day change it and try to do something to make it a great day.”

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Bagua Poems

In the Martial arts style known as Bagua the numbers 64 and 8 make regular appearances - such as in 64 hands form which consists of 8 lines of 8 moves. The Bagua poem uses the same form 8 lines of poetry in two stanzas of 4 lined using 8 words per line. The result is a 64 word poem

Walking Along The Water

Walking along the water toes in the sand

Breathe in salt air think about life again

Cause there is something about the fresh air

Which helps your mind become open and clear

Maybe it is because you feel so carefree

When you’re strolling along down by the sea

The cares of this world seem to cease

Which gives your mind some much needed peace

So the next time you feel some pressure

Get in your car, head to the seashore

Shed your shoes, put toes in the sand

Walk with a loved one hand in hand

Mother’s Perfume

I remember the smell of my mother’s perfume

The scent when she entered into a room

Which wafted up the nostrils, tickled the nose

With a flowery smell kinda like a rose

My mom’s been gone for quite some time

Still the smell lingers deep inside my mind

If I catch the scent on a breeze

I feel comfort thinking she’s close to me

Love Is....

It’s a crazy thing, this thing called love

You fall in or give it a shove

At times love hurts but mostly it’s true

Love makes each day feel exciting and new

So seek out true love at all cost

Cause without love you might feel so lost

It is so true when you love another

It makes your life feel a lot fuller

Getting is Giving

It’s not about what is given to you

It’s about what for others you do

You see getting is giving more than receiving

It’s getting no reward, but you still believe

Giving should be more for others, not you

And getting no reward for what you do

A time for showing others your true love

Passed on to by the One who resides above

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Fibonacci Poems

A Fibonacci poem, is a newer form of poetry, which is based on the the mathematical equation known as the FibonaccI sequence where each number equals the sum of the previous two numbers before. In poetry this translates to syllable count by lines or 1/1/2/3/5/8 for a total of 20 syllables.




Lifts souls

Brings a beat

Way down deep inside

So listen to some music daily




Lifts hearts

Brings some joy

Keeps the mind alive

Gives life a little more purpose




Soft sounds

Wears off stress

Gives some peace and joy

To a stressed out life and soul




Need Rest

So, so tired

Need some time away

Recharge and refresh my tired life

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Tanka Poems

Tanka poems, a type of Japanese poetry, is a set pattern of short poetry. The poems run 5 lines with a syllable count of 5/7/5/7/7 for a total 31 syllables.

Here are 5 Tanka-esque poems. I call Tanka-esque because they may be in the true Tanka pattern but not the strict structure or form.

A Bad Dream

Feels like a bad dream

The year which just passed on by

A year of more downs

Then were times of joyful noise

Hope this year unfolds better


Pick up a pencil

Laying down a few more lines

Create a picture

So satisfying to the heart

So relieving to the soul

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Lune Poems

The lune is a 3 line poem invented by American poet Robert Kelly. It has a 5 - syllable first line, 3 - syllable second line and a 5 - syllable third line.


Love who can know it

Define it

But still we seek love


Haunts us from the past

The ghost life

Thought which won’t go away



Neighbors dog barking

The long night

Gotta stop, can’t sleep

A Bonus Sonnet

A sonnet is a 14 line poem where each line has 10 syllables.

West Virginia

West Virginia, the place of my birth

Mountain peaks so high, sweet Mother Earth

Roads twisting, turning rising up and down

Words whistling through the hollers, a welcome sound

The rivers, the scenery, the sights to see

A land full of beautiful imagery

The people are friendly, kinfolk abound

The get togethers, the food to be found.

Sitting on a porch as the world goes by

Talkin‘ good and sad times, days of your lives

I remember this and more from my youth

The thoughts and memories my heart does soothe

I don’t know if I will go there again

But my heart will there forever remain

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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