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A Cold Or Cough Can Take The Wind Out Of Your Sails

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Time To Heal

I look from all different angles

What a view

Front row seats

No balcony for me

As you and I constantly see each other every day

I wouldn't miss one moment

The hacking and the deep persisant cough

As I watch the dirty kleenex overflow the tiny waste basket

Propping up two pillows

The tossing and turning at night

Laying on your right side not your left

When all you want to do is sleep

Your energy is zapped

Like a cell phone with twenty percent battery life

It is only a matter of time

Before you cease to perform

I check on you to see if you are feeling better

You had to take a couple of days off from work

Trying everything to get your body under control

You had to go to see a doctor

On a anti-biotic nicknamed the z-pack

Cough medicine every four hours

Plenty of rest and drinking lots of juice and water

Cough drops to keep you from hacking during the day

Soon this will be a thing of the past

Now on week two

The show isn't over yet

I keep asking myself

How long will it last?

I want you to be all better real soon

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