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A Clean Slate, A New Beginning


Please clear our minds of guilt, Dear Lord,

Erase it now forever and in its every part.

Help us each overcome all of our disgrace,

That weighs so very much on our heart.

Make the new tomorrow a much better day,

Forgive our negligence that we do show.

Our promise to you everyone shall keep,

As our old tears, like the rain, surely flow.

This country of America was so formed,

And meant to be shared by one and all,

Never any to be turned away, not a one,

Is a home for those great and the small.

Help all of our people, to be in their charge,

Always a righteous life for us, to provide.

Help us remember the Son you've shared,

And where on the cross that He had died.

A Christian world for all was made just then,

As all our sins were each as swept away.

Is everyone's duty, our own responsibility,

Making all to have a just life, we do pray.

We know how we act and what we do say,

So means the most to you, our only God.

For we were all made and given this life,

Each born from the earth's own very sod.

Please send your angels to keep us straight,

Everyone to walk on this life's good path.

Remind those so guilty of all their wrongs,

You are in charge, and not to doubt your wrath.



Ann Carr from SW England on July 01, 2018:

How right you are!


whonunuwho (author) from United States on July 01, 2018:

It would fall on deaf ears my friend. If we believe, the True Head Man will take care of us all. Blessings. whonu

Ann Carr from SW England on July 01, 2018:

A strong and distinct poem, whonu. Maybe you should send it to Mr Trump! This is a heartfelt piece which we should all bear in mind. Well done.


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