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A Clean Slate

I am not bound to a land
or thoughts of the past,
but the scars of oppression
cry out to my hands, asking;
have you chosen to forget?

You don’t have to promise me
what the sky can already do;
we can begin without a kiss
I hope it becomes our light
Are you going my way?

Do I know what exists?
How clean are we anyway?
As clean as I’ve ever been
I’m not thinking about sin
I’m just living as best I can

I was told I'm born in guilt
Is that why a baby cries?
But my past is over now
I can’t live up to it anyway
Will you ever know me then?

I just need time to find
I’m not lame or helpless
Why am I so blind?
My past is in the way
Why do I love it so much?

I need one more experience
One beautiful for living
I can’t think my way out
I need your heart to care
As much as mine cannot

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