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A Clean House Is a Nicer Home

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It takes Time

Do a little and come back and do a little more

If you do too much you will regret it

Backaches and frustration will haunt you till next time

Think of it this way

Any little bit is an improvement to the way it was

My mother was a very picky and cleaned her house all the time

I think one reason is that she had all boys

The second reason she felt proud of the way everything looked

I am not half the cleaner she is

I will always admire her will to constantly keep everything tidy

I have my days

I try to make our bed and sweep the floor

As for other things

I let some slide a little longer

My wife gets after me

I start one project and before that one is complete

I am on to something else

It is not uncommon to have five or six things going at once

Deadlines come and go

My wife has a lot of patience

She knows we get busy with work and day to day activities

There is nothing like having a couple of candles burning

The nice smell in the house

We keep one in the kitchen and in the bathroom

I rested a bit

Now I am back to cleaning

We cleaned our light fixtures and our ceiling fans

I did the laundry both darks and towels

Washed up the dishes

Take out the trash and the recycle

The garbage put in the compost

Cleaned the snow off the car

Now the tough part

Going through the odds and ends

The things that have to be sorted and looked over

This takes time

My wife is happier

We are not there yet

But on our way

I hope you have a fun filled day

If you have to clean

I hope you are moving right along

I get hungry and stop to eat

Sometimes I relax a bit and take a small break

It keeps me from getting overwhelmed

If I stop too long

Then I lose momentum

Then I am dead in the water

I can't turn on the T.V.

It's too much of a distraction

I want to kick back and put my feet up

Once I snuggle in a blanket

I am done

All done

Then I have to enjoy what I have completed

Because I won't be focused and concentrate

From there on out

I will get aggravated and angry

My wife and I make a great team

If you have help cleaning

Two sets of hands are better than one

You can joke and make it fun

Less time and more things get done

When the cleaning is finished

You have the time to do so many other things

That make you happy

Until next time

I will see you soon

May you have a clean and wonderful day

It works out well