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The Circus Clown

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.


This is a poem that I wrote thinking about how a circus clown will feel deep down inside his heart.

Do you even know who I am?

I am the man,

Who makes you laugh,

In a circus ring I stand,

With bellowing pants,

A deep yellow and red,

Hanging loose flying ahead,

A false belly bursting out,

From my long sleeved shirt,

Making me really stout,

With puffed up sleeves,

In a princely style,

That’s how I’m dressed,

Do you know who I am?

A clown in a circus,

In a ring I stand.

Makeup painted all over my face,

Painted a silvery white,

With shades of grey,

Splotches of red,

On my cheeks and forehead,

My nose a round ball,

Colored a deep cherry red,

Eyes outlined,

With shadows of black,

Eyelids painted bright,

Colors of red green and white,

I have bags of tricks,

I juggle and roll,

Swing and jump,

Like a big stupid oaf,

I pop up in every act,

To make a fool of myself,

To make you laugh,

I dance and joke,

I clown around,

Like a stupid big bloke.

After my tiring act,

I retire to my lonely bed,

Ragged blanket pulled,

Over my body and head,

Tired and heart aching,

I go to bed, I fall asleep,

Exhausted, almost dead,

And I wonder in my head,

If all those people,

Who saw me there,

And cheered me on,

Even wondered,

Who I really am.

I am a circus clown,

But I still have a name,

An ordinary man,

And not so lame,

I work just like you,

Day after day,

I hope and dream,

To find some way,

To let you see,

Who I truly am,

The real me.

Do you even know,

Who I really am?

Interesting Facts about the Circus

The word Circus is a Latin word that means a circle or ring. A traditional circus usually has acrobats, performers along with trained animals and clowns. It was in the year 1973 John Bill Ricketts presented the first circus in America.

Clowning is all about expressing feelings and thoughts in an entertaining manner. Clowns help to pep up the circus show, and their performances also entertain the audience during the time gap between two acts.

There are many superstitions associated with the circus, here are some of them -

  1. Performers should enter the ring with the right foot to welcome good luck.
  2. Some performers keep hair strands from an elephant’s tail in their pocket for good luck.
  3. Whistling or eating popcorn in the backstage is considered to be bad luck.
  4. Bringing a peacock feather into a circus tent is also supposed to be bad luck.

© 2012 Nithya Venkat

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