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A Church Only of This Earth

Has it really come to this?
The people of the world
Rejecting loaves and fish
We decided it’s all about us
The anger standing in our place
Looks to men and not grace

This world is no different
Than that of Cain and Abel
There is a raging current
Man does not equal man
But who decides on Kings?
Only men of common means

I’ll never kneel in a false church
What is holy that can only blame?
Flowers grow wild on their own
Must my heart do the same?

I can tell you what I love
Would you like to hear it?
The bravery of a dove
With a twig in its mouth
So God could plant again
A mariners family tree

Don’t ask me ever to do it
What is holy that is shame?
I will live with my mistakes
There is nothing more to claim

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