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A Christmas Story Revisted

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As Christmas approaches, stores are loaded with merchandise,

Getting ready to lower prices that they just raised, maybe twice.

Tinsel and bows are decorating every corner, with brightest lights,

Tall trees sparkling, a plump Santa Clause among all of the sights.

Please let us not to forget there's a Christ in every Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Every creature was stirring, all of the children, each spouse.

Some were poking presents, for were told no Santa Clause,

This Christmas celebration was odd, and to be full of flaws.

The true meaning of Christmas had not been shared.


Christmas Day was designated the day of the Christ child's birth,

Born in faraway Bethlehem, was a time of cheer and great mirth.

The true Son of God, born of Mary and Joseph, revered blessing,

This tiny one visited by Wise Men, as all angels were so caressing.

Yes, this was the true meaning and why we celebrate Christmas.


Christmas is also about a time for family get-togethers, sharing,

Reliving the old times growing up, how all were to be so caring.

A few precious hours, talking and the giving of gifts, of a nativity,

Going for a short ride in neighborhoods, grand decorating to see.

Christmas is a lot of things to many people about the world, of worth,

but only the one that does mean the very most...Jesus Christ's birth.