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A Christmas Heat Wave

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.

Image by Сергей Сидиченко from Pixabay

Image by Сергей Сидиченко from Pixabay

Record December Temperatures: Queensland and Mainland Australia

This time last year bushfires were raging across Australia due to high temperatures and following one of the longest droughts in history. We have had sporadic rainfall since then but once again December temperatures are skyrocketing.

We are currently experiencing another heatwave with many areas/cities and towns recording record maximums for this time of year. So far there are only a few active bushfires, with the most concerning one burning out of control on Frazer Island.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts as follows for December 2nd:

  • Inland maximum temperatures are forecast to be 8-10C above average
  • Goondiwindi is set to peak at 46C, with St George reaching 44C
  • Brisbane's predicted top temperature is 34C, with Ipswich expecting 40C.

BOM senior forecaster Felim Hanniffy said several locations around the state were set to approach December records in the wake of Queensland's second-warmest November. These temperatures are expected to ease briefly during the night and remain around 9 degrees lower for 24 hours before rising again by Friday 4th December, 2020. (source: abc news, Australia)

The following poem expresses what it is like in Australia during this heatwave. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere it may be difficult for you to even imagine what this is like as many of you look forward to a white Christmas.


A Christmas Heat Wave

The bitumen melts in the heat,

The tar sticks to your tyres.

There’s water on the road ahead

But it’s only a mirage.

The car air-con is working hard,

As the arid landscape flashes by.

The drive is taking much too long

But you just have to endure.

I hope we get there after dark

When at least the Sun’s gone down.

A small respite from the heat,

But only for the night.

We said we’d come for Christmas

But I wished we’d stayed at home.

Though we haven’t seen you for a year

And have presents to give out.

Maybe there’ll be a cool change

Or it may even rain.

The weather man’s not always right

So I hope he’s not today.

Image by vargazs from Pixabay

Image by vargazs from Pixabay

Finally we have arrived,

The Sun was kind at least.

It set as we approached the house,

Such a kindly ball of heat.

Greetings exchanged all around,

But be careful, not too close,

Social distancing’s in force.

Hugs and kisses we forgo.

Splash some water on your face

Better yet, take a cold shower.

It cools you down for a short while,

And stops you sweating out.

Air conditioners are humming,

Working overtime.

The electric bill will be a shock

But it’s not like there’s a choice.

Everyone’s lethargic,

Like limp towels on a rail.

Let’s pray the weather changes

And brings some Christmas cheer.

Cold meat and salad for the Christmas feast,

With the air-con droning on,

Or a lunchtime barbecue on the beach

In shade and with an ice-cold beer.

It seems that every summer

Is hotter than the one before.

Another record's broken,

Is there any end in store?

But some call climate change a farce,

They say it’s just a stage.

The Earth’s been through it all before,

So, when’s the next Ice Age?

© 2020 John Hansen