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A Chick or a Meal (what choice is that?)

You know the story
Of how my life began
It was the same as yours
Like white eggs in a basket
Then we soon parted ways
At the market that devours

It was like finding a friend
I was looking for someone
Who would pick me to crack
Poured into a sizzling pan
Why not a furry chick instead?
In whose dream would I quack?

There was nothing for me to focus
The night is only scary thoughts
While the days are happy sounds
Which one would I master to live
Would I lie down in fearful fright
Or plant a flag in my own ground?

I knew right away I was no God
Water was to play and survive
My net was not full, I sank at times
Life was either animation or stillness
Is it that only a word is miraculous
How can I save a life etching signs?

Smiling on the corner without a cigarette
A full belly along with an incomplete mind
Another combination of found and grasping
Walking upright trying not to rush or lag
Where is my perfection, where is my failure
It no longer matters if my age is my calling

But I will not allow the sunshine to set
Or the night to lighten it’s load on my mind
The self-assurance of anxiety, sweet and sour
Repentance, declaration, then restless sleep
Inside a dream, love's attack on my walls
My life is mine whether, my first or last hour

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