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A Chiaki Nanami Poem

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Enjoyer of the Danganronpa franchise. Likes the second game the most


Why I Love Chiaki Nanami

From the fact that's she's a gamer girl,

To the way that her hair will curl,

I love Chiaki Nanami.

I like the way she speaks,

And how her personality is a little meek,

I love Chiaki Nanami.

When she gets excited, talking about her passion,

To the way she dresses, in her cute little fashion,

I love Chiaki Nanami.

I was heartbroken when she died,

Upon seeing her state, I obviously cried,

I love Chiaki Nanami.

She was always nice to every classmate,

She really didn't deserve her awful, sad fate,

I love Chiaki Nanami.

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