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A Change of Heart

Deep red - alive,
Collecting every moment,
Tapping out the time,
Then came the rodent.

The littlest speck,
A melodic breeze blew,
Made the softest peck.
And this was its cue.

Now sinking out of sight,
Went within to grow.
Beating with the time
It bided as it sowed.

Soft peck dug deep, with tooth then fang.
Sinking stopped, and steel claws rang.

Eat and drink,
Six mouths to feed
The one enormous, raging beast.

Red it seemed,
Kept good time,
And grew to seem the bigger kind.

Rend it, thereby rend the heart.
But desperation showed its art,
Fiercest battles reverberate,
Shamed the dreaded looming gates.
Visceral gore, plunged beyond.

Meager remnant, pale, exhausted,
Fainter, fainter, weakened raw.
Touch of air - a torturous tear.

Slight but still.
Still enough at last,
To hear that soothing trill
From the Truest Heart.

Sweet paces, glad faces,
An infinite stage.
Where discord is muted,
As dead as its day.
See, gladness and sorrow,
They, hand in hand sway.
Reflecting the spirit,
Of Beauty array.

© 2018 Marianne Hingert

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