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A Case of Poetic Injustice

Teodora is a bilingual writer. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume and a collection of short stories.


This is a semi-naive poem about a random poet (imagine a tall, dark-haired young man with a rather pale complexion) who writes a letter to the woman who has stolen his heart. He also hires a homing pigeon to deliver the letter. Unfortunately, his muse is not particularly interested in poetic confessions.

He liked the way she wore her hair

He saw her almost everywhere.

She secretly became his muse

But he was shy and had the blues.

He wrote a poem just for her

His sense of reason was a blur

He sealed the letter with a kiss

Which filled his heart with such a bliss!

Poor fellow was so much in love

Hired a pigeon to do his job

The bird not only returned in a jif

But didn’t even ask for a tip

(It was a very romantic breed

And that was a truly noble deed).

She read the verses quite amused

The poem had her all confused

She didn’t care for etiquette

So she put out her cigarette

On the poet’s metaphors

And went on to do her chores.

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