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A Captive of My Mind-The Awakening!


A Captive of My Mind- The Awakening!

I haven't felt this mellow in a while,

This sea has been quite rough on me.

But the gentle breeze blowing against my skin today

Feels soothing enough to let me see

Deep down beneath the ocean pits

Where before my mind did not explore,

There a mysterious land of peace exists,

Where the rough waves no longer feel sore.

Did I turn numb to the senses?

Did my reflexes turn all blunt?

Or did my mind construct a shield of patience

As it no longer wishes to confront

This whirlpool of tense emotions,

The impatient roaring storm,

The anxious muddled feelings,

That felt so different from the norm?

But today I feel liberated

Unconfined and unbound,

As I am done exploring my deepest core

It’s a new me I have found.

And I know,

It is time for the awakening!

Farah N Huq



© 2022 Farah N Huq

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