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A Calm And Soothing Day

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Up And Out In The Yard

A few things done

The plants need water

Without watering them they die

A simple thing to know

Even though an easy to forget

A light breeze and 81

I covered myself with bug spray and suntan lotion

Just in case

I dug up some old roots

Finding out they were connected to a plant

So I had to replant them

I sprayed bug spray around the house

It is supposed to last for three months

We shall see

Watered the plants desperately needing water

Always trying to make the best of the time we have

My wife made grill cheese and basil sandwiches for lunch

Then I read a little on the internet before work

We cut our cat Charlottes nails

So she will be healthier and happier

Even if not right away

Angry at us now

How could you do this to me?

Growling and trying to get away

All done

It wasn't that bad

All that fuss over nothing

Cleaned up the dishes

I hoped in the shower and off to work

Another day summed up and squished in the little block on the calendar

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