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The Silence- A Social Commentary

Lora believes that great ideas worthy of discussion can be communicated most effectively through the arts.


What is the Silence?

The silence is the voice of truth about ourselves and our lives. It bears witness to our deeds even if others aren’t there to witness our cruelty or our indifference to the suffering of other sentient beings. It bears witness to the cold heartedness that lets us walk by without helping even as others call out in pain or from desperate need.

The following poem is telling us to act with a sense of urgency about our lives, the way we treat others and the way we treat our planet. We need to alter the course of our lives to become more caring and compassionate in our actions to others- not only humans but other species as well- to change our old habits and expand our consciousness to live in harmony with others and stop the mindless destruction of our home. Through selfishness and our negative emotions such as hate, vindictiveness, greed and a need to feel power over others, we have become oblivious to the suffering of others and in the end it may very well cost us our lives as well.

The silence is telling us that our words in the places where we worship mean nothing if we just parrot what we hear and don't live by them. In the end, our society like a deck of cards will tumble and fall if we don't face the truth about ourselves and change our old ways of thinking and living, right now. And finally, the truth that we have denied for so long will at last be heard.

The Silence

There's a silence

deep in the hearts of men

that bears witness to all his deeds...

Even those who never contemplate

what little they've done

for their fellow man-

a testament to their purposeless life,

if they could just stop to hear the silence.

This silence it gently beckons to be heard

in the stark light of a street lamp

where a woman

and a child beg for food...

As a man beats a dog

and another indifferently looks on;

as a child is abused by his own parent,

a voice shrill

while hers is stilled.

After a gun volley has been fired

and so many lifeless bodies

can be seen;

children dazed,

cries muffled as the other

sounds compete for attention...

the silence

loud in the ears of the victims who cling to life

in a despairing moment to survive...

and yet it gets lost in

sound bites in a quick summary of today's news.

It can be heard

between the notes of a sorrowful dissonance

in a composition by Charles Ives-

between the cries of a child

drowned out by the sirens of the city's streets...

Between the cries of a dog

chained every day,

deprived of food and water

who has never known a day of kindness.

But the silence is too faint to the ears

of those deafened by the

hardening of their own hearts

and souls to their routine existence.

You can hear the silence if you walk

very early in the morning hours...

or very late at night.

It envelops the world as its atmosphere

and runs deep as a cavern all through the earth...

After a rain

which purges some of the stains

and always in the

sounds of gently remind us of its presence...

You can hear the silence

in a river flowing

or in a pause between the waves which hit the shore,

between the pulses of a heartbeat.

The silence which struggles to be heard

in the pauses of a rhythmical chant

at a sacred temple of humanity's past...

caught in a futile dance,

between the empty syllables of meaningless words.

And as a deck of cards so constructed-

to stand momentarily before

it tumbles and falls

in a precarious balance of contrived form...


It must last give way to the silence

which has been muted for so long

and at last it can be heard;

if there is still a soul

around to hear

its words.

~Lora Hollings


How Precious is the Time We Have

From this poignant song by Lamb, the lyrics go...

"How precious is the time we have. Are we not wise enough to give all we are? We have a chance to make a difference to our dying day."

Wise Enough by Lamb

I'm Going to find a Way to Say It

"I'm going to find a way to say it. Sing it from the tallest tree."

Maybe we all need to find another language. The language of peace and love. To live up to our human potential and be all that we can be.

Another Language by Lamb

The Child in the Mirror

Ghosts from the Past

To A Beautiful Soul

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© 2015 Lora Hollings

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