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You care, I share the secrets trapped inside
You smile, I dream about a new road
You listen, I tell you everything-
When the sun will set and when it will rise,
Making a day of my own within my own time.
There would a year based upon the summer
And one with dark autumn,
I despise the cold as it causes the fall
Of healthy little leaves I always watch.
They make them nude and helpless too-
The bold and green under the golden ray
Frozen and stiff with the snowfall.

Santa don't weep I will make some days
So you can come along the way,
So you can wear sleeveless clothes-
Or take a bath outside this home,
I will make some ice cream and tea,
If you don't prefer just keep them for me.
I am a summer-girl
I grew up in a tropical country
And I don't enjoy a day without trees,
The sun visits without his glorious heat.
I invite you to spend the Christmas with me
Don't bring a gift but bless me,
We will open the Box together-
And we will spread joys and dreams,
Keeping our world alive for the following year
My dear old Santa, come visit me.

A little difference


Peeping out of the window, partly hidden behind a maroon curtain,

I would watch the rain:

The beautiful dance and the strange music of those boundless drops.

A thunder roars through the entire sky

I would shy away and run inside.

But on a monotonous afternoon, my heart begs to be out and laughing;

Free from the strictures of my lonely thoughts.

The heavy door opens; I look to the sky

The drops of madness dancing outside,

The wind calls me in a melancholy tone-

As though yearning to kiss my forehead,

It plays with the mess of my hair

And a lightning illuminates my whole world.

Just waiting


It's a day of waiting,

For the water to flow-

For the wind to blow,

For the sound to ring

And for the fog to go.

I do not feel your breath on me-

But I know you are there,

Surrounding my air of joy

Producing the smoke of fear.

The numbers are going up;

And the lives are falling down,

When will your grasp be loosened?

When will you stop this fatal game?

I am still waiting for holy rays

That will fall on our heads,

And will sweep away the blocks of pain.

A Summer Disorder


Looking up at the sky on one fine twilight

I felt no bound to this wild earth,

The sky was glowing and wind was blowing

I felt my soul moving towards the light.

Different hues of pretty colours:

So pure and so bright-

That it hid all the filth from my sight.

Something moved, but the world was still

I could hear whispers from the east,

While I drank the beauty I could see.

Massive was the sun, so great and full

With vital gases that sucked me in,

Transfixed was I, and I felt no fear

I readily gave in to his intense stare.

My foot stumbled on a tiny rock

Panting suddenly I fell down with shock ;

Demented, I looked up again-

The sky was nothing but an angry glare.

When you know it's love


When you see your own smile

Unforced and calm, fickleness never stood a chance

You see your worth shining through the mirror

You have truly outdone yourself

Indeed it is love.

When you dance in rain

Free and content, not everyone stops to watch

But you feel your heart drenching

You watch admiringly at your blood flowing

And the drumming reaches your core

Indeed it is love.

When you share your favourite food

Knowing you will live another day

When someone crosses your happy path

And you still don't care

When your blood don't boil

When you are happy for the toil

When the night sings with you

Indeed it is love.

When the rude boy seems innocent

When the mysterious man seems decent

When the crazy girl looks happy

And the sun feels wise

The night without a moon opens new adventure

Indeed it is love.

© 2020 Sannyasi Raja