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Summer passion for writing and storytelling stems from her sharing her truth with the world, but the truth of others hoping for liberation


"Can you dim your light?"

"Are you insane in the membrane

or is the strain from your mediocracy

taunting you to say foolish things?"

"I.... I mean, can you not shine so bright?"

"Because when you do it makes me nervous."

"You make me then analyze my life,

realizing my failures and have myself to blame."

"It's not you; it's me."

"When you step out of your comfort zone,

and start to walk in your truth,

you make me nervous just looking at you."

"I become nauseous just by the thought of you,

because you make me reflect on everything I

once knew to neglect,

and to see you pull through

by becoming a better you makes me sick!"

"See, I've had the opportunity,

to walk in your shoes,

thoughts of changing the world,

through my point of views,

But somehow life happened,

obstacles after obstacles, trials after trials,

tests after tests,

leaving me to second guess what I was fighting for,

and next thing you knew,

I couldn't run the race anymore."

"Years progressed,

and here we are,

while I'm living in regret,

you're out there showing!"

"Showing off?"

Don't you dare try to strip me off of

everything I fought for,

A journey we both were blessed with

an opportunity to prepare for!"

"Sleepless nights I encountered

and lonely days for sure,

sometimes, even without your support,

I went on to soar!"

"I won't dare dim my light,

for you to feel like it's alright,

to give up on every dream

you knew would've transformed

many lives!"

"How dare you allow my success to

make you choke?"

"You supposed to be the one,

who prays I would have won!"

"I don't mean to come off rude."

"How I feel,

you'll never understand;

to be given something so precious and watch

it wither away in your hands."

"Then you came along,

and I always wanted you to do great,

until you actually started doing great,

which reminded me of my mistakes.

"If only I could turn back the hands of time,

and somehow right my wrongs,

instead, I'm tormented daily,

by the same undying song."

"You didn't have to feel this way,

after being blessed with me."

"Don't you think God knew you would've

made those mistakes,

so, he gave you another opportunity

through a child you helped him co-


"You allowed your failures to blind you."

"Can't you see that you were given a

second chance,

we're just sitting in separates seats?"

"When I succeed,

it's for the both of us,

neither of us will lose."

"I'm just a younger version of you,

blessed enough to walk another day in

your shoes."


I am who I am,

because of you.

© 2021 Summer A Pennerman