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A Broken Cog

Abacus is a game developer and author, always looking for ways to improve his work. He has written several short stories and two novels.


The Gear That Doesn't Turn

In today's world, it seems as though society works like a complex system of parts. From the days when we are young, we are taught how to be a good machine in said system- a cog. However, there are many times when it seems undesirable to be a cog. Some days, the idea of just ditching society's system and finding escape appears to be the best option. This poem was written during a time when I felt somewhat lost within the way the world works. I wanted to create my own path, and this piece acted as an outlet for those feelings.


What is the meaning of life we wonder?

The purpose of everything that is?

One second, we are just an idea, then, the next, we finally exist.

From our birth, we experience a few years of carefree bliss.

Days seem infinite and time does not restrict us.

There is nothing in our way; we live freely and enjoy life.

Second- to minute- to hour- to day.

Suddenly this free range ends though.

We are put in a facility called school,

Learning subjects necessary to survive in the real world.

Whose right is it to deem though, how someone may spend childhood.

Living turns out not to be free,

And we discover money makes the world go round.

Now, you are a teen, confused and entering a new world.

The movies made it sound fun!

Friends, parties, new experiences, and more.

But there is more, isn’t there?

They fail to tell you about the stress of working hours a day to maintain an arbitrary letter on a piece of paper.

Such an abstract idea modelled to hold so much weight that some will cry if it does not meet the standards.

But how can a vast species such as humans develop standards?

Nobody gives the fish less opportunities,

Nor a large F on its record,

Just because it cannot climb a tree.

Shouldn’t we dictate the environment that best fits us?

Why are we forced into a mold so strict?

Things have long since changed from when we were so young.

Differences become apparent and exploited.

Those who do not fit within the normality

Become criticized and bullied...

Some so severe that switching to a new school won’t help.

Some so severe...

That they would take their own lives.

Now that we graduate, we feel proud,

Having survived the struggles and hardships.

But of course, that is not enough.

To be successful and live happily,

You need a great job.

But to find a great job you must endure at least four more years of schooling.

This is called college, and unlike the previous schools,

Costs enough money to put someone in debt for life.

If you are lucky enough to survive through this all,

You reach the top.

You can have the perfect life,

Live the American dream.

But if you don’t, you work a rough job.

For nearly the rest of your life, until you are old enough to retire.

But how can you enjoy retirement when most of your life is over?

If you complain about the way life is,

You are lazy, stupid, or just don’t understand.

But maybe it is the opposite.

Those who sit in peace with this system,

Don’t truly understand.

Maybe the issue is not the individuals,

But the society which binds them.

I dream of a world in which imagination and happiness can take place in importance,

Rather than a thin green piece of paper.

But in this world that idea is crazy...

Perhaps the true craziness is we have grown so accustomed to this world,

That we see nothing wrong with it.

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© 2019 Abacus D Kin