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A Brief Compilation of Short Poems - Part III

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A Brief Compilation of Poems – Part III

A Brief Compilation of Poems – Part III

Poem: Dumped

Is the word “dumped” used

because the person

breaking up with you

makes you feel like discarded trash?

I guess so…

She had never been

“dumped” before.

The whole experience

made her feel

like a discarded whore.

It honestly did.

She feels that way still!

It was not an amicable

and agreed upon

break up

as it was for her

in the past,

when things

with the guy did not last.

This time, instead,

it was a sleek and furtive

exit for him,

like a snake in the grass,

making her feel

like she was

walking on shattered glass.

The heart is not easy to mend.

Be very careful who you give your

heart energy to, in the end.

Poem: Lies

Poem: Lies

You left me in a state of confusion.

So, our love was all an illusion?

I repeat the scenario in my head.

I don’t know why I was led

to believe

that you would

never deceive

me like you did

with the lies that you told

and the secrets that you hid.

The lies, oh the lies.

You really outdid yourself

with those.

Still, I rose

out of your web of lies.

I emerged from

the room

after a good cry

as if emerging from

a cocoon,

as a new buttefly.

Poem: We Can Still Be Friends

Poem: We Can Still Be Friends

He says to her,

“We can still be friends”,

but she does not see that

as truly making amends.

He says that they

could still be friends

and when she sees him,

she can still hug him.

So, she takes what she can get.

She does not want to bug him.

The energy from just

the hug is still truly quite intense.

When she hears his voice

on the phone while they talk,

her heart grows so immense.

Will they ever truly reconcile?

She really does not know.

She’ll just live for today

and go with the flow.

Poem: Thank You

Poem: Thank You

Thank you so much

for the compliment

of saying that

I look like I am glowing.


Inside, I feel like I am broken.

It is overwhelming.

Thank you for saying

that when you talk

to me on the phone,

my voice sounds calming

and soothing.


inside, I feel hysterical.

All of this is too brooding,

I know.

I was feeling pretty good before

and that good feeling

was just torn away from me,

Like what happened?

Since then,

I have not been dealing

with this situation very well.

But becoming a little

more lyrical

is helping

to keep me from

becoming too hysterical.

I write down

my thoughts in my rhymes.

I know that

things will

“get better in time”.


Among these poems,

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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