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A Brief Compilation of Short Poems

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A Brief Compilation of Short Poems

Green leaves against a brilliant blue sky.

Green leaves against a brilliant blue sky.


A Brief Compilation of Short Poems

1. Poem : Endurance

My endurance

has been my assurance

that I still have a lot of life

left to live.

I still have my best efforts

to give.

2. Poem : Elevated

I am always looking up.

Looking up at the sky so much

that I get elevated,

on a cloud

thinking that I am already in Heaven,

but it is not time to go

to Heaven yet.

There is a lot of living

left to do on Earth.

Time can be quickly spent.

Think of from now

since the time of your birth.

The past went by so fast.

It is not easy to make things last.

3. Poem : Tired

Things can really

go either way.

Hoping that they

will lean in my favor,

I just kneel down

and pray.

That is all that

I can really do.

The outcome is

not in my hands.

The very best

that I can do

is give into

all the demands.

Once that process

is complete,

maybe like a pet,

I will be wanting a treat.

I am really bone tired

at the end of the day.

That is all that

I can really say.

4. Poem: Backfire

I did it for you.

Why did it backfire?

That just makes no sense.

It was not a self-serving mission.

Why has it made things so tense?

I know that you had a different vision,

but I have tried my best.

I truly was put to the test.

It is time for a fusion of ideas.

We are just over the crest.

Do we remain as allies

or do we become enemies?

Are we at war,

each trying to win a fight

or are we ready to concede?

5. Poem : Hiring

You have quite effectively reasoned

that the prospective candidate

is very well seasoned

with experience in the profession.

This will be my concession.

Go ahead and hire him

for the job.

Rob in HR will give the approval.

Our methods of debating

who should get the position

were just a little unusual.

We nevertheless have

that clear vision

for the company mission

and he will fit right in.

So, I think that the decision

is quite win-win.

6. Poem : Just My Day Job

This is just my day job.

By night, I am a writer.

This is just my day job.

By night, I am a fighter.

I fight and struggle

in my life,

trying to do what

is right in God’s sight.

I enter the ring,

still bruised and battered

from the previous fight,

but it is a new day now

and they turn on the light

high above the stadium.

I am already feeling weak,

as if I have been poisoned,

infused with too much radium.

At this rate,

my opponent will

be able to knock me out

with just the first punch.

Then as if nothing

happened at all,

everyone will break

for lunch.

7. Poem : The Communicator

He tried really hard to

be the communicator

in all of this.

He wishes that she knew

how much he loves her

instead of her wondering

whether or not he does.

That is why he started

rambling and babbling,

professing his love.

He had no idea

that doing that

would mean nothing

and that he should not have bothered.

Day after day is passing.

She will call

his expression of love


It is truly embarrassing

for him.

He is hardly a stalker.

He is just an intense lover.

So much for him trying

to be the communicator.

He wishes that she knew how much he loved her instead of her wondering whether or not he does.

8. Poem : Script Re-write

The script needs a re-write.

We need to change it

to a love story

instead of one of animosity,

bitterness, resentment

and near hate.

We need to change it

to a love story

and it is getting very late.

What edits and adjustments

can you make?

I need them on my desk

before daybreak.

Thanks in advance

for what you think

you can contribute.

The script needs to be

About steady and constant love

not the rollercoaster kind

that is filled with arguing and yelling,

breaking up and making up.

That is a story that we are tired of telling.

9. Poem : Release

With blood, sweat and tears,

I release my fears.

I have been working

as hard as I can

for all these years.

There will always

be someone that says

that it was not good enough.

That is when things

get really rough.

Do I need their validation?

No, it is too much trepidation.

10. Poem: Strategic

The malicious intent

was strategic

to get you all

bent out of shape

but you have got

to keep it together

for your family’s sake.

I know that it is really hard for you.

I know that your heart aches.

I know that it truly breaks,

but be mindful

that in everyone’s life,

terrible things might come.

You just have to handle it.

Write your poem.

Beat your drum.

You, yourself

need to be strategic.

Take deep breaths

and manage your stress.

Do all that you can do

and let God

take care of the rest.

11. Poem : Dear Love

If you are feeling dejected

because you were rejected,

please know that I love you.

There is no one left

to try to impress.

Come as you are,

feeling like a mess

and I will embrace you.

You are good enough.

You always were

And you will achieve greatness.

You will be recognized

for your accomplishments

but you are not trying to be famous.

You would rather do

what you do

while remaining anonymous,

but you have a name.

You will never be nameless.

To climb out of obscurity,

You’ll step on all the fakeness.

You’ll feel like

you’re on a higher plane,

a certain level of awakeness.

I should have written

this to you sooner.

I apologize for lateness.

12. Poem: You Think That I am The Same

You think that I am the same.

I am not.

This experience has changed me completely.

I can see the adverse effect on my spirit

each time I look in the mirror.

I can see the change in my spirit

each time a photograph is taken of me.

You think that I am the same

but I am not.

I am not the same as I was before…

This experience has changed me completely.

13. Poem - Please Do Not Go Ghost

Please do not go ghost on your love.

The emotional pain inflicted

Is tantamount to torture!

Please sit down and talk together

about what you will do.

Do not go ghost and then come back

and say boo!

“In the time that you were gone,

what did you do?”

“I don’t know,

what did you do?”

“Did you meet someone new?”

“No, I only love you.”

Well, the betrayal of trust

is still like someone put poison

in Cupid’s arrow.

Please do not go ghost on your love.

No one should have to go through

something so harrowing.

I would not wish it on

my worst enemy.

Please do not go ghost on your love.

In one such example,

there was a ghost.

I hope that the ghost

did not receive validation

from his buddies.

He should not be enabled

and encouraged for being cruel.

There has got to be some unwritten rule.

Word to the wise is that he should apologize,

and should never have done it in the first place.

Please do not go ghost on your love.

He was loved so deeply by the one

that he ghosted.

She was so distraught,

canceled every party that she would

have hosted.

He just stayed gone

while the seasons changed.

It was feeling to her like all

of this was nearly deranged.

She has been thinking that it is time for her to get on with her life,

but she has confidence that she has been a very loving wife.

I know her personally and

I know that she tried her best.

Nevertheless, if this is only a test,

God, please let her know the results already.

She has surely had the virtue of patience

as she looks at the little teddy bear

that he once gave her

and tries not to despair.

But forget about the teddy bear.

God, by Your gift, grace and blessing,

he gave her children too.

God, I have faith that you hear.

Please send their Dad home to the family.

The Mom thinks that it is only fair.

And God, when you do, please, whisper in his ear,

"Never again. Please, do not go ghost on your love."

He just stayed gone while the seasons changed.

14. Poem: Matters of the Heart

Your name was written on my heart

Like a work of art,

But then came the dart

And shot right through my heart.

As my heart bled out,

Your name was shriveled and erased.

It would have to be rewritten

After my heart is mended.

Everything is just upended.

Humiliation, shame, embarrassment,

Your name?

What is it again?

We might have to just erase everything

And start over again

With a reintroduction.

Hello, my name is ____________

We might have to just erase everything and start over again.


Snow covered greenery


Beautiful sky

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH