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A Bridge and a Wall

Shannon is a passionate individual whose feelings and thoughts tend spill onto the pages, often in the form of poetry and sometimes essays.


Time cannot stand still

So imagine if you will

There was then and there is now

The bridge between two hearts long since torn down

But just for a second, remember when

Plentiful were the smiles and the grins

When friendship would inspire

Back before the fire

That crumbled the road

Allowing the love to flow

No, we cannot go back there

And we cannot dwell on despair

But roads can be rebuilt

New flowers replace ones that wilt

Even forest fires have a way

Of clearing brush and making way

On the same patch of land

For something new and just as grand

Although it takes time to heal

Before it reaches it’s new ideal

Is it truly necessary

That we be so wary

Surely the chasm cannot be that vast

After enough time has passed

The choice is yours and the choice is mine

To piece by piece take down the dike

So that loving water can once again flow

A new bridge built, new life can begin to grow

Yet here we are, not a bridge or even a truss

Just a wall or two between us

© 2019 Shannon Henry

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