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A Blessing in Disguise #4


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His friend asks to know if he has done anything wrong but he said he has not done anything wrong, but that has been in his mind since childhood when he saw how a man involved his wife in his activities and he thinks the time is ripe for him to effect what has

been in his mind for long. After many deliberations, the man agreed with him, saying that it means that he will separate the business from him because doing that for his wife, his own wife too may say to him he needs a share in the business and when women are involved in

businesses, they would not understand some things which may degenerate into another thing among them. he would not want that to happen therefore, he told him that the best thing is that they be separated. They started working on how to effect the separation of the business

assets. This was done successfully, and the man moves his business away from his friend’s. after he moves his business away from his, they started living a separated life though living in the same compound. The man and his wife raise little money and bought a new land,

very far away from his friend’s, there they build a new house and moved there. Three months after this he sold his old house and the money raised from there he used in establishing his wife. It has been about ten years since they separated their businesses and

about nine years since they moved to the new apartment, yet the woman is yet to take in. Then the man started having another notion about what the people have told him, what they have told him may not be true after all, but there is nothing he could do again. After his

separation from his friend, his friend was awarded a contract by the island management and his business skyrocketed through this, he started receiving different contracts and he becomes very rich. After his friend sells his own house which they jointly built, his friend

also sold his and moved to another place entirely to be living there. This man now has connections with the creme-de-la-crème of the island. The man who has separated his business, though not poor but he was not as blessed as the man. It takes the man additional

ten years after this incident before his wife could take in, which makes twenty years after the separation. It was during the naming ceremony that of the child that the man called his friend apologizing to him that he was pushed to separate his business from him by people

who have polluted his wife’s mind. His friend replied that he thanked God that they separated their businesses, though it was very painful for him then, because he has been dreaming of building a very big business together with him, having labored, toiled during day

and night together since their childhood days, but when he won a contract he never dreamt of winning after their separation, he cannot but appreciate God that they have separated their business, this was because assuming this does not happen, he may not have


the mind of bidding for the contract because he will be complacent thinking they have reached their Eldorado, and thereby, he will not win the contract because one cannot win what one has not applied for when one is not a spirit. “If that had not happened, I would not

have been shot to the limelight”, he said to him, it is really a blessing in disguise to him. On another note, assuming we are yet together, and we won the contract together, those people would still be insinuating that I am the architect behind your travails but since we

have been separated they cannot attach my progress or stagnation to yours neither yours to mine he says. And from then he has been seeing things from another angle, which brings about unexpected changes for him. He again thank God that none of them is dead at the

moment for assuming he has died before now, people would have said, his enemies have been taken off the land of the living to pave way for what God has in plan for him, but since he is yet alive, and his business is thriving with nothing happening to his family people who

are sensible can judge and judge the matter rightly and clearly he said. He then adds that, what happened between them has shown that God has time for everything in life, no matter how humans try, irrespective of how humans push God, he will not be pushed because he

knows the right time that his blessings will fit us. I rejoice with you for after it all God answers your prayers by giving you a son for assuming you did not give birth to a son despite the separation you will never forgive yourself for yielding to the counsels of the people. I also

want to thank you because doing what you did indeed pushed me to establish a business for my wife. He then gave the man the key to a car and some amount of money to boost his business.

Songs of Separation - London Lights



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on February 05, 2021:

Wow! This is one of the longest comments i have ever had on any of my articles on the HubPages and I am elated that you read and make this comment.

On what you asked, about sharing our businesses with our loved ones, I want you to know that individuals differ on this issue, and what we say here cannot be a sacrosanct nor applicable to all and sundry.

In my land, Yoruba land, men usually do not form alliance with their wives in many of the things, even those who are doing the same job hardly form alliance with their wives, because women as they are may behave funny sometimes among other reasons.

However, as education has come into place and been embraced by many, we have been seeing people who form partnerships with their wives in many respects, more so that the world is a corrupt place, where some friends could decide to kill their partners for money therefore people have been thinking that when one has a wife who is devoted, diligent, disciplined, one could form partnership with such wife.

However, my experience from my parents may not allow me to form partnership with my wife this is because my parents form partnership and established a business which was growing in the early 70s to the early 80s, but un-imaginable development happened to my parents, as they developed sicknesses, my father was terribly hit and all the gains and the capital of the business was spent on restoring their health which left them with nothing, and this terribly affected us (their children) as our education had to be put on hold, we became largely dependent, those of us who have been givers and hospitable before became beggars and those my parents have assisted never come to their aid, they left them, and the children to be suffering.

This disturbing experience, makes me to vow within me that my wife would have a separate work while I also have mine. This is because if the enemies want to attack, they will not be able to hit both of us and pull us down at once like my parents who have the same business.

Now, as stated, this is our personal opinion which has stemmed from what we have experienced in the past and should not be viewed as the best. Each family should follow what is best for his or her family, especially what would promote love, harmony, blessings, peace and a heaven on earth for their families because it is for this we have been created.

Once again, Thanks for reading through this short "fiction", I appreciate this.

Continue to stay safe, and continue to amaze the world with educative posts on this social medium the HubPages.

Much love from Ilorin, Nigeria.

Warmest love to the family and friends there.

DREAM ON on February 05, 2021:

A very interesting story. I have a friend who believes work and wife are and should always be separate, I think differently. I believe when we are married we are joined in all ways and should treat it as such. If I am to succeed in business and in life I would only want to share the success with the one person the most in the world. What are your opinions? My friend believes if the business are kept separate it is better. His wife may not believe in the business. His wife will be partners if something happens between his wife and him. He could lose his business that he worked so hard for. I still believe it is meant to be. My wife will not only support but encourage me to do my best on every decision I make. Thank you for sharing and caring. Have a wonderful morning.

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